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Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Visting Goaltender Chant: Honestly?

Watching the series clinching Game 6 on Versus between the Penguins and Senators, a curious background sound began reverberating inside the arena:

"Fleuuuuuury, Fleuuuuuury, Fleuuuuuury..."

The chant began just inside of two minutes in to the first period when the score was zero-zero, what?!?

This is no attempt to chastise the Ottawa fans.  In fact, when their Senators were eliminated in OT, they stood and cheered both the home team's efforts, and the team that defeated them.  Very classy.

"The Chant" can be heard in every NHL arena, but often times it is ill timed, and even downright ridiculous.

It is assumed that chanting the opponent's goalie's name in a drawn out droning manner is intended to unnerve, or intimidate.  Is it effective? Highly doubtful.  Should it ever be considered cool to do?  Again doubtful.

However, if you are a spectator that is so inclined to participate in such an event, please realize that there are times when it makes sense, and others when it makes the chanter look, well, uninformed.


1. It is a scoreless tie!
2. Shortly after your own goalie has given up a goal (or more than a few as was the case tonight in Ottawa).
3. Your team is losing! (yes we have been on hand for that more than a few times).


1. Your team punches in a back-breaker... late in the game... against a rival team.
2. Said goalie has talked some trash against your team (ala Patrick Roy, Ron Hextall).
3. Pretty much no other time.

In short, we don't ever really think it necessary. Yet, if in the context of some healthy playoff hate, go for it.  Just don't do it at the wrong time!

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