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Sunday, February 12, 2012

2012 NHL Trade Deadline: What Every Team Should Do

Jeff Vinnick, Getty Images

Hockey Christmas is coming!

There is something in the bag for everyone, good or bad, rich or poor, US or Canadian based.
In 2012, there are many buyers and few sellers.  It could get real crazy, like a pair of 80's moms fighting over a cabbage patch doll!

Everyone has an opinion on what they should get... here is ours.

Anaheim Ducks

Potentially in Play: Jason Blake, Teemu Selanne, Saku Koivu, George Parros

What They Should Do: 
Trade everybody that they can get something for, and not even listen to offers for Getzlaf, Ryan and Perry. Blake holds value for a playoff bound team.  Never afraid to shoot, Blake puts pucks on net, something every postseason team can use.  Selanne would have to consent to a trade, we all know what he can do.  Trading one of the big three would be a huge mistake for the Ducks.  A down season should not induce that kind of panic if they expect to be a perennial contender.

Boston Bruins

Potentially in Play: Joe Corvo, Johnny Boychuk, Daniel Paille, Greg Campbell, Benoit Pouliot

What They Should Do:
Jack squat.  When a team is this strong offensively, defensively and in net, why mess with it? Some minor depth tinkering... maybe.  If it ain't broke...

P.S. Forget anything that you hear about the Bruins trading Tim Thomas.  Long after everyone has forgotten his White House snub, the Boston brass will remember Thomas' spectacular play in last season's Cup run.  After a goaltender puts together the greatest net minding show in NHL post season history, you don't go swapping him on a whim the next year.