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Thursday, July 8, 2010

When Hockey Meets TMZ

What most any casual fan knows about hockey is that celebrity chicks love to get "pucked" by hockey players.  It must be the modern day gladiator thing. 

Witness Allyssa Milano, Carol Alt, Rachel Hunter, Kellie Pickler, Veronica Varekova, Kate Hudson, Kate Olsen, Tia Carrere, Janet Jones, Elisha Cuthbert, Willa Ford, Anna Kournikova, Hilary Duff, etc... have all been linked or married to NHL players. The list is long and ever growing. 

Now hockey's "most famous" couple is tying the knot.  From the Canadian Press:

OTTAWA, Ont. -- Country superstar Carrie Underwood and Ottawa Senators forward Mike Fisher are to get married this weekend, CTV Ottawa reports.

CTV says the couple will get hitched at a resort that will be shut down exclusively for the "Fisher-Wood" wedding.

But the location of the wedding is being kept secret and most of the guests don't even know where the wedding will take place.

CTV says the guests won't find out where they're travelling to until they show up at the airport on Thursday and are given tickets to their destination.

Among the guests are Fisher's teammates, Chris Phillips and Chris Neil.

Fisher proposed seven months ago, just days before Christmas.
Oh, the drama!