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Monday, May 31, 2010

2010 NHL Playoff Matchups... and Predictions III

Since we went 0-4 in our round two segment, we decided to wait until after the Conference Finals to make our predictions. We guarantee to get this round correct!

Lets review the last round:

1. Hockey Plumber said: "Not this time Halak.  Penguins in six."

The Penguins could have wrapped it up in game six, but the Habs took both Game Six and Seven.

2. Hockey Plumber said: "Rask proves to be the difference, but it will be a long and ugly series.  Bruins in seven."
The Bruins had a chance to sweep, but blew four straight in an epic collapse/comeback series.

3. Hockey Plumber said: Another tight one.  Red Wings in seven.
The Wings were never a threat to win the series. Sharks in a walk.

4. Hockey Plumber said: Revenge is sweet and best served cold.  Canucks in six.
Hawks won in a cakewalk.

Eastern Conference Final

#7 Philadelphia Flyers vs. #8 Montreal Canadiens
blah, blah, blah 

Hockey Plumber Prediction: Flyers in five.

Western Conference Final

#1 San Jose Sharks vs. #2 Chicago Blackhawks
blah, blah, blah

Hockey Plumber Prediction:  Hawks in four.

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